Friday, February 6, 2015

[Outfit Post] ; Last Days of Fall ♥

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me, an invincible summer" 
~Albert Camus

Summer is fast approaching, and whether I like it or not, my knitted sweaters and cardigans will have to hibernate in my closet for a while. So while there's still a tinge of cool breeze in the atmosphere, I will be making the most out of it. So here's one of the last few ootds in my cable knitted sweaters:

I was so fond of my hair color in the outdoors, I feel Haley Williams-ish lol.

So I bought this sweater from an Instagram shop (as always) called Ellie's Shop 101. This shop is one of the many who are based in Baguio City, Philippines. For my readers who aren't familiar, Baguio City is located in the Northern mountainous part of our country and is dubbed as the "Summer Capital" because of its cool climate. Thus, sweaters are a must for the residents which I honestly envy. I had only been to Baguio once and that was way back when I was a toddler. This coming summer though, I will ensure to get my ass off there lol. Also, Baguio City has tons of vintage stores, or what we call "Ukay-ukay" and most likely sell all sorts of knitted pieces, which is knitty heaven for the likes of me. So as for a Manila person, I would have to do with what Instagram shops have to offer. Thank goodness for Baguio based shops (heart) (heart)

I am definitely head over heels with this sweater! I can also wear this to the office, which by the way is also freezing. I am not quite tolerant to extremely cold places which is why I tend to hoard cardigans and coats and layer them all at once. But when I got this top, it was so unbelievably warm and comfortable, I can wear this as is without any other layers on! 

I had been wanting to try a school girlish outfit with a sweater so I paired it with this adorable blue skorts from Frugalista Shop. It's super flouncy and has built in shorts underneath which rescues me from accidental public flashing lol. Lastly, I wore this cute floral sneakers and a backpack to complete my (somewhat) youthful look! So what do you guys think? I'd love to hear from you :)

Sweater ; Ellie's Shop 101 | Skirt ; Frugalista Shop | Sneakers ; Sam's Closet PH | Backpack ; Tickles PH | Necklace ; from Bangkok | Sunnies ; Love to Style PH

Love Lots,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

[Outfit Post] ; Sweater Weather ♥

The first month of 2015 is almost over, and here I am, just publishing my first post for the year. It's better to be quite delayed than never, as everybody says. I am very fond, to say the least, of December and January. These are the coldest months of the entire year, hopefully goes the same for February, which I highly doubt. Then again, I am thankful that I was given the chance to wear all sorts of knitted pieces. It gave me this ephemeral feeling of autumn, which is not so secretly a dream of mine, as we do not have that here in the tropics. When our temperature falls to 20 degrees, girls flock the malls and online shops to hoard, and I mean HOARD, cardigans and cable knitted sweaters. I guess 20 degrees would feel like summer to most of you, but for us, it's winter wonderland less the snow. 

I got this striped knitted pull over from Shop Foxy Youth Manila on Instagram. I loved that it was oversized but did not look too droopy on my small frame. It was very warm and comfortable to wear, I felt I could do cartwheels on it! I myself hoarded knitted pieces but this particular top, as simple as it may seem, was the apple of my eyes from the bunch. Do you like it as well? :)

If you would notice, I was in the mood to wear something monochromatic. It was because of my hair, which was surprisingly quite rusty blonde in the photos. I loved the shade too much so I decided to wear a more toned-down ensemble to make my crowning glory stand out. I also slept overnight with french braids on so I could achieve that instant mermaid curls when I wake up, given that I do not have the time and budget to get myself a curling iron lol. I definitely loved the effect!

There's my boyfriend in my shades lol

Shop Foxy Youth Manila

Knitted Pull over ; Shop Foxy Youth Manila | Shorts ; random | Sunnies ; Love to Style PH | Backpack ; Tickles PH | Wedges ; SM Parisian Shoes

Love Lots,

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; My 2014 Lookbook

Happy happy new year everyone! I know it's still 2014 in the western countries but it's already January 1, 11:12am here in the Philippines sooooooooo.... HAPPY HAPPY 2015!! May we all be blessed and showered with happiness, peace of mind, hope and strength to overcome whatsoever obstacles to come this year. I can't write anything more because I am quite busy today as well since it's our humble town's annual feast. Thank you as well to everyone who still cares to read my blog even if I post only once in a blue moon lol. Happy New Year again! Mwuaaaah!!!

Love Lots,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Happy Birthday Post: Lefabgeek Turns 28!

*Warning: Photo Heavy Post*

"To know how to grow old is the master work of Wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living:" said Henry Frederic Amiel. Not that I knew who this character was but he certainly took the words right out of my mouth. But these were also not my exact thoughts a few days before the big day. You guessed it correctly. It's the same dilemma year after year: growing old, adding possible Graying hairs or fine lines here and there. But then again, when the dreaded birthday has come to pass and you have celebrated it beautifully and worthwhile, all those very few days of torment seemed nothing more than a Ghost of yesterday's past. And last Saturday, December 13th, was that "dreaded" day of the year. And so far, I could attest that it was the most amazing birthday I have had. It was my first birthday spent out of town with my family, my boyfriend and some family friends. We dined in at Leslie's Restaurant for lunch, a native resto in Tagaytay City, with a spectacular 360 degrees view of the scenic Taal Volcano

We went straight to the Sky Ranch Amusement Park and dropped by the Pink Sisters Convent to give thanks, bought some goodies before we went home. It rained right after we left the convent which, of course, resulted to a traffic jam. Oh well, nonetheless, it was such a wonderful day tour experience which became even more special when you celebrated that day among people close to your heart. Here are a few shots of that wondrous day. Hope you like it!

Meet my MOM!

and my DAD!

the Brotha!

Mom and Dad :)

Bro, me and boyfie

Family Picture :D

My sinful Chocolate Caramel Cake <3

As for my #ootd, I wore this Silver Mossimo pullover which I got on super sale for only 6 USD! Knowing that Tagaytay has an all year round cold weather, I thought I should put on a sweater or anything knitted for that matter. Good thing I did my research the day before and realized that the temperature was actually 24 degrees C! Just a few degrees lower from the heat in Manila. I bade my planned ootd goodbye, which was supposedly this white cable knit sweater I bought from Ellie's Shop. I still proceeded wearing this pretty hot pink Jeggings and floral sneakers which I got from Sam's Closet PH. This pair of cuties was a chance steal! One of my online shopping pet peeves is buying footwear. I just couldn't find the perfect pair and most of the time, I end up getting cramps and bruises. When I saw this pair though, my heart melted. I knew I was again going to risk especially that buying online wouldn't give you the opportunity to see if it fits. But I still went on. Fortunately, the pair was very comfortable and light. I think I'm seeing myself getting another pair in other colors very soon!

Pull Over ; Mossimo | Jeggings ; The SM Store ; Backpack ; gift from Tickles | Cross necklace ; AI Fashion | Floral Sneakers ; Sam's Closet PH
L-R: Kuya Neil, Patrick, Dad, Mom, Marlon, Me, Bro and John Boyfie <3
Before I end this post, I would like to express my unyielding gratitude to my family who has been with me through thick and thin. For all those times we had almost nothing, we stuck together, come hell or high water. Now that I am able to say "I Can", trust me I will. I will take you to all the places we had not been to, or restaurants we had not dined at, see movies we had not seen, just because we could not. But now I can, we can, we will. I love you.

Thank you as well to my ever supportive boyfriend for staying by my side for four years and five months, and counting. Thank you for all the love and strength, understanding and respect. We will explore the world together. I love you.

Thank you to my best friend for being just the bestest person in the world, for 19 years we stayed strong. Let us be best friends until we are grandmas. I love you.

Thank you to all my friends for simply being crazy and fun, and making my life more amazing, and the world a lot less boring.

Thank you dear God, for the 28 fruitful years. Thank you for all the challenges that made me more durable and wise, for all the triumphs that made me humble and generous. Thank you for letting me live, for giving me my family, boyfriend and friends. I love you.

Love Lots,

Thursday, November 27, 2014

[Outfit Post] ; 30 Random Facts About Me ♥

In my two and a half years of blogging, I have shared so much about myself to you guys. I have shared my triumphs and defeats, foodie adventures, hauls, birthdays and anniversaries, the evolution of my style, so on and so forth. For this post, I thought I would post one of those "20 random facts about me" that I had been seeing everywhere, be it on FaceBook or on other bloggers' posts. I also thought 20 facts would be quite few, so I decided to remove the maximum count and let my list go on.

1. I'm (almost) 28 years old. My birthday is on December 13th.
2. I'm a Sagittarius and a Fire Tiger (Chinese Zodiac).
3. I am very patient. But when I get angry, I get really really angry :p
4. I do not and will never SMOKE or DRINK. 
5. My only vices are a triple tie between online shopping, playing Android games or  reading Wattpad fanfics.

6. I'm addicted to minty ointments. I apply ointments on my forehead, nape
and under my nose all day, everyday. I love the cooling and soothing effect lol.
7. I prefer Orange sodas than Coke or Pepsi 
8. I cannot live without caffeine. Coffee is a necessity.
9. I am a super fan of Rock/Goth/Symphonic Metal
10. Also a fan of K-Pop and K-Dramas

11. My favorite colors are Pastel Pink, Peach, Mint and Lavender
12. I graduated from College with honors and won a lot of awards (beauty pageant/literary contests etc)
13. I have Hyperthyroidism a.k.a. Goiter. 
14. I love dogs. They're my ultimate stress reliever (not shopping). I have a Belgian Malinois named Peewee and a black Toy Poodle named Lottie.
15. My greatest ambition was to become a ramp model.

16. Modesty aside, I am multi-talented. I am a singer, dancer, actress, painter and a writer.
17. I am a huge Anime geek
18. I love nachos, tacos, burritos and everything that follows in their family tree
19. My favorite Filipino dish is Kare Kare
20. I (believe) I have Arachnophobia. Roaches and spiders ugh! 

21. I am a fan of sci-fi movies
22. I am extremely religious
23. I dream to design my own wedding dress
24. I speak a bit of Japanese and Spanish (thanks to animes and Mexican Dramas)
25. I used to be so obsessed with Westlife and My Chemical Romance

26. In my life, I have only been to a concert ONCE. That was an Evanescence Concert on February 2012.
27. I have never ridden on a plane, thus I've never gone overseas.
28. I am obsessed with White Sand beaches.
29. I love to swim. I dream to become a mermaid.
30. I stand at 5 feet and 6 inches and weigh only 105 pounds. My waist line is 24 inches. Slim and Proud!

Wow, I did not realize this kind of post would be tedious! Anyway, I hope you guys can also come up with your own list. I enjoyed making it. See you next time, and the next time would most likely be my birthday post. Ciao~


Floral Cropped Top ; Ifassion Highfashion | Necklace ; Forever 21 | Sunnies ; Fly Shades | Wedges ; Parisian

Love Lots,